by Kate Hill

August 2009
ISBN: 978-1-4199-2303-6
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Bera is well beyond the marrying age and while she may not be the favorite daughter at least her father has not forced her to marry...yet. Bera has men who wish to claim her for a wife. She is a kingís daughter. Marrying her promises would-be suitors a promotion in rank. None of them care for her though, and Bera knows it. When a dirty, foul-smelling man lets it be known his desire to have Bera, she lets her feelings show in no uncertain terms. Sheíll never be shackled to a swine.

Erik Ice Tooth is in good graces with the king, so after traveling he decides to take the kingís portion to him personally rather than send it by proxy. On the way his playful cousin sends Erik spiraling into a pile of manure. This doesnít bother him, itíll wash. He continues in to see the king and while there Erik notices Bera. Erik knows he must have her. When Bera refuses him in front of everyone Erik takes matters into his own hands. He kidnaps Bera and takes her home with him. Instead of being his wife, he puts her to work as his slave.

Bera has no intention of making it easy for Erik even if he cleans up well. While her pride may be strong the pleasure she receives in Erikís arms is her undoing. Intentions fly out the window and Bera rethinks her position on marriage to the sexy Viking. The problem now lies with her father, the king. What consequence must Erik face for kidnapping the kingís daughter? Will this newfound love be ripped from Bera and Erik before it even has a chance?

Northmanís Passion by Kate Hill is a short, but spicy look into the Viking era. A time when might was right. The secondary characters are well-rounded which promises future forays into the Viking world. With Ms. Hillís talent for smoking hot stories I am sure it will be well worth the wait.

Reviewed in September 2009 by Rho.

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