by Reese Gabriel

July 2009
ISBN: 978-1-4199-3369-2
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Anabel and Royce have been friends for a while. They are stuck in the friend zone, yet Anabel yearns for something more from the sexy security chief. She wants to be his slave, his submissive. She wants him to be her Dominant.

When Royce chases off a sleazy guy at lunch, Anabel is angry. How dare he act as if he owns her?

But Anabel knows nothing of ownership. Not yet anyway, but Royce is determined to teach her about ownership and satisfy her cravings for the darker side of pleasure.

Will one night of calling him Master be enough to satisfy Anabelís cravings?

Submissive with Benefits confirms Reese Gabriel as one of my favourite erotica authors. Although the story is a brief sixty nine pages, the author doesnít pull any punches. He draws you into the world of BDSM, seduces you and makes you wish you were the heroine being tied to the bed!

What Reese Gabriel does extremely well is characterization. Royce and Anabelís cat and mouse game is highly entertaining. I found myself grinning like a banshee at various points in the story! Both are unsure about their journey into unfamiliar territory Ė Royce with his need to be with Anabel for more than one night; Anabel with her lack of experience in all things BDSM. Yet, it is this unfamiliarity that makes them perfect for each other.

As with any Reese Gabriel story the sex scenes are scorching. His command of the inner workings of BDSM is exquisite.

Submissive with Benefits is well worth the 5 roses. A story of passion, love and fun, it shows the reader a softer side to Dominance/submission. Definitely a keeper!

Reviewed in August 2009 by Donna.

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