by Johanna Lindsey

ISBN: 0-7434-5633-5
Reviewer Graphic Button Simon and Schuster

Life is always an adventure in Texas in 1870. For identical twin sisters Amanda and Marian Laton life is about to change due to the unexpected death of their father. Amanda and Marian are as different as twins can get. Amanda is beautiful but unbelievably self-centered and spiteful, and Marian is sweet, thoughtful and nice but purposefully hides her beauty to assuage her sister’s jealous temperament.

Naturally, the twins are shocked when their father’s will stipulates that they move west to the ‘wilds’ of Texas to live with his estranged sister on her ranch. There they meet cowboy Chad Kinkaid, the son of a neighboring rancher. Marian is captivated by handsome rugged Chad, but she knows that like every other man she and Amanda have met, he will choose her sister over her. It is not surprising that Chad does seem to be enamored of Amanda’s perceived charms but he soon begins to see through Marian’s dowdy façade. Having witnessed her sense of humor, adventurous spirit and bravery Chad finds her more and more alluring. But how can he convince Marian that all he wants is her love?

Dear readers, as most of you who are fans of Johanna Lindsey know the last few releases from this best-selling author have not been up to par. I am ecstatic to tell you… SHE’S BACK! Yes, my dears rejoice for the wry-witty voice of historical romance has returned better than ever. All of the characters in this comedic drama are likable with memorable moments and surprises aplenty.

Ms. Lindsey delivered a fabulously compelling read that I couldn’t put down. She did it using her usual sensitivity in conveying the powerful and confusing emotions that come with first love. You will definitely adore this sweet story of a young woman coming into her own

So, go out and get yourself a copy of this keeper then, curl up on the couch with the lights turned down and a cool glass of iced tea at your elbow. Enjoy!

Reviewed in June 2003 by Cynthia.

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