by C. Fern Cook

August 2009
ISBN: 978-0-9819614-5-3
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Clare is a preacher who decides to move to a small town and start her career. There in a run down church, she soon finds a friendly bunch of people.

Owen is a rancher who quickly falls for Clare.

The book could easily have been much longer, everything happened too fast and I would like to have seen more tension between Clare and Owen. Clare fell for Owen and despite initial doubts readily accepted his proposal.

There is very little conflict in the story. Clare meets a difficult teenager but she manages to win her over far too quickly when there was an opportunity to develop the characters more.

The characters were all likeable and the story was cosy and friendly but it didn't hold my interest well as it lacked tension or any excitement.

I felt the book was much too short and that had it been longer more conflict between the main characters could have been developed.

The author does explore her main characters well but the secondary ones could have been made more interesting.

The reader gets to meet Owen's Native American family towards the end of the book during the engagement party, They could have been an interesting family but so little time was set aside to get to know them.

Over all a good enough story but not enough of it to make it really interesting.

For me it was disappointing and I just give it a 3 rose review.

Reviewed in February 2010 by Mary.

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