by Sue-Ellen Welfonder

October 2009
ISBN: 978-0-446-19530-0
Reviewer Graphic Button Grand Central Publishing
Mass Market Paperback

Scottish Highlands, autumn 1350

How can Lady Arabella MacKenzie make her over bearing, but well meaning father, the proud warrior chief Duncan MacKenzie, understand her longing for an adventure? Since her younger sister Gelis married, Arabella fears never finding her own true love. Making a voyage to the enchanted Seal Isles is what Arabella hopes will help her find the right mate. When the MacKenzie finally gives his approval for the journey, Arabella is ecstatic! Then the merchant cog she is sailing on is rampaged first by a terrible squall and then by Black Viking pirates. Arabella is thrown overboard into the storm tossed waves, and fate (helped along by a little magic) now takes her into the arms of her one true love.

Darroc MacConnacher, chieftain of his rogue clan, despairs of ever finding a way to get his impoverished clan back in good graces. He has sworn vengeance against the one most responsible for his family’s banishment to Castle Bane on a distant isle; the Black Stag himself, Duncan MacKenzie! Darroc spends countless nights dreaming of a raven haired beauty that makes the young MacConnacher laird wake with unfulfilled passion. When a ship wreck is spotted by their beach, the MacConnachers, led by Darroc, quickly embark on a search for survivors. Do dreams really come true? They must, for the near drowned woman found amongst the debris is the lass from Darroc’s dreams! Then desire quickly turns to despair when Darroc and badly injured Arabella discover each other’s identity, and realize they are enemies. A Highlander’s Temptation may be Darroc’s salvation and the answer to the prayers of lonely Arabella.

Sue-Ellen Welfonder’s passion for Scotland is descriptively displayed yet again with her latest historical highland novel, A Highlander’s Temptation. A Scottish version of Romeo and Juliet with a few magical twists thrown in, make Arabella and Darroc’s love story truly spectacular! You won’t want to miss the boat, set sail for love, read A Highlander’s Temptation.

Reviewed in September 2009 by Bonnie.

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