by Michelle Rowen

September 2009
ISBN: 978-0-446-50585-7
Reviewer Graphic Button Grand Central Publishing
Mass Market Paperback

Newly turned vampire Sarah Dearly has not had the greatest start to her new vampire life and these last couple weeks have actually been the worst. With a threat hanging over her head, Sarah has had to fake breaking up with her several centuries older vampire boyfriend, Thierry, and fight her mixed up feelings for Gideon, the man threatening all the people Sarah holds dear. Gideon is pushing Sarah to embrace her dark side if only to further his quest to gain his own immortality and see his way out of an unsavory situation. Sarah’s running out of time to find a solution to prevent her from being stuck with a curse that will leave her a conscious-less monster and from losing the man and people she loves.

Tall, Dark & Fangsome is sinfully good with all the sarcastic humor we have come to love from the Immortality Bites series. Sarah Dearly is fantastic, more often leading with her heart then her head which has led to some problems but has also created a unique character that readers love. Thierry and Sarah’s relationship is one that I have loved watching develop through all the twists and turns.

Michelle Rowen has created some wonderfully quirky, brooding and all around captivating characters that I have enjoyed reading as they find their way through tribulations in an effort to achieve a happy ending. Michelle Rowen’s Immortality Bites is a series that I recommend to readers looking for a fun read and that I'm sad to see concluded.

Reviewed in November 2009 by Claudia.

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