by Dee Davis

September, 2003
ISBN: 0804119783
Reviewer Graphic Button Ivy Books
Mass Market Paperback

In Austin, Texas, two prostitutes are murdered over the last eighteen months, left with missing body parts. The first with missing ears, the second with a missing tongue. Tonight, another body is found in a trash bin with missing fingers. Detectives Eric D'Angelo, and Tony Haskins are on the case and soon discover the three cases are related to the Sinatra Killer,who always plays a song of Frank Sinatra's on a boom box during his kill.

On the other hand, Sara Martin has been awakened by midnight "silence" phone calls for a while. At the urging of her best friend, Bess Haskins, wife of Tony Haskins, she goes to see Tony at the station and to see if he can help. Who she meets is Eric instead of Tony. Eric is smitten with Sara at first sight and the attraction seems to be mutual for both parties. Eric finds himself prolonging the meeting with Sara and makes excuses to see her again.

Sara is a free-lance photographer at a magazine. Her husband and son were killed in a car accident over two years ago and she's refused to date anyone since then. Her friends have tried hard to set her up with nice guys but she was never interested until the accidental meeting with Eric.

As the relationship between Eric and Sara starts to grow, the Sinatra case turns a new page. The last victim, Lydia Wallace, was the young woman with whom Sara has been working on an article. Then, another victim is found dead in her home. This time, a social worker, not a prostitute and the killer takes her hair. Then, Sara gets another midnight "silent" call but this time, there is music in the background, the Sinatra music ......

Dancing in the Dark is a well-plotted and well-balanced tale of romance and suspense. At the beginning, the romance and the suspense parts of the story seems to go separate routes, but with some twists and turns created by Ms. Davis, they blend into one nicely and logically. The hero and heroine are perfect for each other, and their romance is both sweet and passionate. However, finding the Sinatra killer is quite a challenge, with little tips and bits provided in the tale. Readers will surely find Dancing in the Dark most satisfying and thrilling from start till end. Happy reading!

Reviewed in August 2003 by Rose.

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