by Robin D. Owens

ISBN: 0-425-19072-2
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Mass Market Paperback

Ruis Elder is a Null. In Celta society, where Flair (physic ability) determines your social status, being a Null automatically makes you an outcast. Stripped of his rank, his home and his family, he must steal to survive. But Ruis has realized that he can do something that no one else on Celta can do, and that is to understand and repair the ancient machines that their ancestors had when they crash landed on Celta. The only thing he regrets about the loss of his status, is that he cannot search for his heartmate.

Ailim D’Silverfir, is a supremejudge and the head of her family. She is also a powerful telempath (a combination of telepath and empath). She can read and feel the thoughts and feelings of everyone around her. It can be quite stressful. All she wants is a little peace. When she runs into Ruis and realizes that his being a Null allows her a rare moments peace, she is intrigued. Unfortunately, it is the same time when she must go before the council and beg for a loan to save her family estates and Ruis is going to trial for thievery.

Ruis and Ailim are caught between forces that they are not sure how to fight. Ruis is battling his anger and his uncle Bucus, who was responsible for his situation. After much abuse and neglect Ruis felt he had no other option than to run away. He truly believed that his uncle wanted him dead. Ailim doesn’t realize that she has acquired a powerful enemy. Her family is practically bankrupt and it is her responsibility to repair their fortunes and keep them safe. But that is put in jeopardy when she must make a choice between following her heart or doing what duty demands.

Ruis and Ailim are wounded souls. Both have endured heartache and pain, not of their choosing. but they both want the same things, to be loved and cherished for who they are. Because of a chance meeting, they are given that chance.

Watching Ruis and Ailim fall in love was wonderful. Although they both know it is forbidden they can’t seem to stay away from each other. I was surprised and very impressed by the way Ms. Owens incorporated an anger management program for Ruis into the story and showed us in a realistic way, how he was dealing with his issues of trust. Ailims need for acceptance and a relief from the background noise of her existence was heartbreaking to read, but the way she carried herself with dignity and grace was wonderful.

In Heart Thief, Ms. Owens has once again, taken us to a world where physic powers are the norm, animals can talk and talking, thinking computers are part of everyday life. I hope that you will enjoy your trip to Celta as much as I did.

Reviewed in May 2003 by Carolyn.

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