by Piper Evyns

July 2009
ISBN: 978-1-59632-915-7
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From the opening pages, Brazenís Army draws you in and wonít let go until youíve read the last page. Ms. Evynsí description of a new world, one devastated after an apocalyptic war, was so emotive I knew I had to continue reading. She slams you head first into the action and doesnít let up until the epilogue.

The plot centres around Brazen Malone, a solider for the Atlantic Rim Alliance. His goal is to assassinate Ridley Sykes, a professor who apparently is a threat to national security. Upon meeting Ridley, Brazen is taken with his boyish good looks and is momentarily stunned. The relationship between the two males drives the story. Passionate and intense, itís also touching. Both males are complete opposites Ė Brazen a gruff solider trained to obey rules and commands; Ridley a scholar who knows the fate of the world rests in his hands. Up against two armies and two aliens hell bent on destroying the world, both men are trying to handle their rising needs as well as saving the world.

I loved this book. It had action, adventure and erotic passion that sizzles. As the book is set in the future, I especially liked Ms. Evyns addition of references to popular culture. For example, Brazen nicknames Ridley, Dr. Jones as he is not unlike Indiana Jones! But itís the relationship between Ridley and Brazen that compels you to keep reading- touching and sensual in equal measures. I found myself rooting for their relationship despite the almost impossible odds. I cannot decide which male hero was my favorite!

Brazenís Army is a real treat for sci-fi lovers who enjoy extremely hot sex with their fantasy. Once you start reading you wonít be able to stop!

Reviewed in September 2009 by Donna.

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