by Sherrilyn Kenyon

August 2009
ISBN: 978-0-312-36949-2
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In building the Dark Hunter world, author Sherrilyn Kenyon has not only crafted an entire mythology, she has also given us parallels to our own realm. Of course we have good versus evil, yet some of the good can act in unsavory ways, and some of the evil also have redemptive qualities. Shades of gray are her most favored colors. As part of this world, she has also given us the ultimate dysfunctional family, the Were-Hunters.

Not only do Were-Hunters have enemies outside their species, they have found a way to hate each other. Being Arcadian or Katagaria can occur in the same family, yet the strife between the two groups is brutal. The factions often place brother against brother, parent against child. Fang Kattalakis knows this division all too well. While he is Katagaria, his closest sibling, Vane, turned Arcadian during puberty and must hide his true nature from the rest of the pack, or face death. Since their father Markus is already a raging sociopath with no heart, Fang must protect Vane as much as possible. Both brothers also struggle to keep their packmates alive, especially their sister Anya, who is pregnant.

During a trip to New Orleans, Vane and Fang enter Sanctuary, a bar run by the Peltier bears, which is neutral ground for all patrons. It is there that Fang finds his soulmate Aimee Peltier. The secrets just start compounding on each other as they try to deny their interest. In a case of the ultimate star-crossed lovers, Fang and Aimee are even crossing the species line. The attraction may prove fatal if they are discovered.

Bad Moon Rising is a much-awaited novel in this wildly-popular series. We have caught glimpses of Fang and Aimee in other books, but their entire story is fully described within this book. We get the full measure of life among the Were-Hunters, both good and bad, and see how their choices impact not only their own lives, but the lives of their families. Ms. Kenyon never disappoints, and Bad Moon Rising will leave readers fulfilled, yet anxious to return once again to the Dark Hunter realm, where danger never abates, and vanquished enemies only make room for new threats.

Reviewed in July 2009 by Paula.

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