by Nina Bangs

October 2009
ISBN: 978-0-8439-5955-0
Reviewer Graphic Button Leisure Books
Mass Market Paperback

If you miss Sparkle Stardust and Ganymede then you will be thrilled to know they are back and still stirring up mischief in My Wicked Vampire.

Sparkle is trying to walk on the good side but it is difficult when opportunity knocks on every door at the Castle of Dark Dreams. The Castle is an adult theme park where fulfilling fantasies is the goal. How can a cosmic troublemaker stay on the wagon in such a place? Perhaps just a little meddling won’t hurt.

Cinn Airmid is hired at the Castle of Dark Dreams for her unusual talent with plants. Her family, horticulturists all, deeply disapprove of her particular experiments. Cinn escapes to the Castle to work unhindered by her family’s interference. Once she arrives Cinn finds herself surrounded by extraordinary characters. Not the least of which are talking cats. As much as Cinn wants to deny the supernatural she realizes that not everything can be rationalized.

Dacian is hiding from his maker who desires world domination and is trying to make Dacian help him. When he refuses to obey the call, Stefan sends Dacian into a killing rage as punishment. Dacian has killed many people as a result. Consequently, he goes underground to keep from doing anymore harm. But then Sparkle sends Ganymede to dig him up and bring him to the Castle of Dark Dreams. The only reason Dacian agrees to stay is so he can reunite with his brother, Taurin. In the meantime, Dacian must remain aware of any movement from Stefan, and guard the delectably hot Cinn from an angry goddess. All in a night’s work for a vampire.

In My Wicked Vampire readers have another thrilling ride in the Castle of Dark Dreams, the fourth book in that series. The dialogue is witty, the men hot, and the women sassier than ever. Dacian trying to glamour a plant was hilarious. This story is a joy to read, but then anything by Nina Bangs is wicked fun. The author actually had me feeling sorry for a plant!

My Wicked Vampire is a must read.

Reviewed in September 2009 by Rho.

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