by Hailey North

ISBN: 0-380-82070-6
Reviewer Graphic Button Harper Collins
Mass Market Paperback

Jonquil "Jonni" Landry DeVries considered herself crazy, for letting her sister Daffy persuade her to open her historic New Orleans mansion to a film crew. How could Jonni say "no" for this isn't just any movie is a live action adaptation of a cartoon loved by kids world wide, Mister Benjamin.

Cameron Scott is the handsome action hero who will be playing the role of Mister Benjamin. Cameron feels like this will ruin his career and cause him the loss of his adoring female "fans" in the process. He agrees to work on the film and don the persona of Mister Benjamin wrinkles and all.

Behind his carefully crafted disguise Cameron has become infatuated with Jonni and she in turn trusts and often confides in him. She wants nothing to do with playboy actor Cameron Scott, so what is a hunk to do when his true identity is revealed? Beg of course, to get closer to the sweet "Lady of the Manor" as he affectionately calls her.

Opposites Attract was refreshing real and very funny. Jonni is a somewhat full figured woman who admits to overeating and has decided the time has come to change this. Cam is a hero in turmoil, he admits that his looks are the main reason he has gone as far as he has. Jonni`s faith in him shows that there is more than meets the eye. Opposites Attract is filled with hilarious dialogue and a wonderful well rounded supporting cast. It has steamy love scenes that could put a blush on your face, which makes this the perfect end to summer reading.

Reviewed in August 2003 by Ronica.

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