by Shannon McKenna

ISBN: 0-75820-453-1
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Trade Paperback

Since her father’s trial and conviction, things have just gone to hell in a hand basket for Erin Riggs. She lost her job as an assistant curator at the Hupper Institute, her sister is flunking out of college and her mother has turned into a zombie. When she began receiving emails and offers to appraise the Celtic burial goods of a collector from the Quicksilver Foundation, she was sure that her life was getting back on track.

Connor McCloud has been obsessed with Erin Riggs from the first moment he saw her. The problem was she was too young and the daughter of his mentor, Ed Riggs, a fellow FBI agent. He did his best to keep the desire and lust he felt for her out of his eyes. After Ed Riggs betrayal, he knew that he wouldn’t have a chance with Erin. After all, what woman wants to be involved with a man who was responsible for her father going to jail? What Connor doesn’t know is that the feelings he had for Erin were not all on his side.

When Kurt Novak, the man responsible for all the pain and heartache breaks out of jail, Connor is convinced that Erin is in danger, but no-one believes him. After all, there is no evidence that Novak has even left Europe. But Connor has always trusted his instincts and they were telling him that Novak and his henchman were up to something and that Erin was in danger, now all he had to do was convince Erin.

The desire and lust between Connor and Erin explodes as they spend more and more time together. Connor brings out the "bad girl" in Erin, and loves every minute of it. Now if only everyone else would accept it. When doubt and insecurity cause Erin to doubt Connor, they leave themselves open to Novak’s plans. Now the race is on to save Erin and their relationship.

Standing in the Shadows is author Shannon McKenna’s newest offering. I couldn’t put it down. Fast paced, sexy, funny and poignant, Ms. McKenna has crafted a story that sucks you in and the only way to escape is to finish it. Connor and Erin are awesome characters. Because of their history they have a much harder road to walk. But they do it with honesty, passion and enthusiasm. If you have read Behind Closed Doors, Ms. McKenna’s first book, then you will recognize a few of the secondary characters that pop up. While the two books are connected, this is definitely a stand-alone book. So sit back, keep the ac on high, and dive into a wonderful, compelling story. Shannon McKenna is definitely one to watch.

Reviewed in August 2003 by Carolyn.

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