by Deborah Cooke

November 2009
ISBN: 978-0-451-22843-7
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Mass Market Paperback

Just like the humans he is sworn to protect, Delaney needs some time to unwind and is only looking for a drink and a good time when he pulls into a roadhouse. He gets more than he bargained for in the form of Ginger Sinclair, whose name matches her coppery hair. As she touches him to tell him he is in the midst of a private party, sparks literally fly between them. Ginger does not realize the significance, but Delaney realizes he has discovered his firestorm or soul-mate.

Delaney is a Pyr and part of a group of shape-shifting dragons whose job is to protect the treasures of the Earth, including humans. Their duties have been made more difficult by the Slayers who are an evil group determined to wipe out the Pyr and humans. Delaney is on a quest to redeem himself with the Pyr by destroying Dragon's Blood Elixir, which gives immortality and perpetuates the evil of the Slayers. Delaney must also fulfill his destiny of leaving an heir behind by mating with his firestorm. Of course, he does not plan to let Ginger in on his true identity, but does Fate have different plans for them both?

Winter Kiss is the fourth in the Dragonfire series by Deborah Cooke. The author brings the readers up to speed quickly with the back story and mythology of the dragons. Dragons have become popular in literature with series by authors such as Christopher Paolini and Naomi Novik. Ms. Cooke's dragons are both frightful and sexy. They can truly "light your fire".

Ginger is an intelligent, passionate heroine who must come to terms with a life that may be quite different from her personal plans. Delaney is a tortured hero whose need for redemption may come at a high price and he is torn between love and duty.

Winter Kiss is sure to warm up any day for a romance reader. I look forward to the next novel in this sizzling series.

Reviewed in October 2009 by Roberta.

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