by Carla Cassidy

October 2009
ISBN: 978-0-451-22827-7
Reviewer Graphic Button Signet Books
Mass Market Paperback

Everyone dreads their reunions. You go to a hotel, drink more than you should and feel like you're being whispered about behind your back – which you probably are.

But Jordan Sampson is almost looking forward to it. Now a detective it's been fifteen years since she'd seen her cheerleader-buddies, and she's going with a friend who hasn't always been a fan of cheerleaders. Once there she sees her old high school flame, the one who had gone to her with his heart in his hands after walking all over hers begging for forgiveness. Now divorced with a daughter, Jordan is slightly jaded and not really sure what to make about Clint Cooper being so excited to see her.

But as her old classmates are brutally murdered one by one, Jordan can't help but wonder if she's next on the list – and if there's more about Clint's eagerness to spend more time with here than meets the eye.

The story, while promising, didn't deliver the way I had expected. Due to a death in the family Jordan has a strained relationship with her parents, which we don't really see any interaction with, despite her going to their home in the book. There seems to be “filler” parts with another one of the detectives (but they made me cry) that seemed to be there for word count, but then the ending seemed rushed. Her daughter, Mandy seemed aged beyond her years, but was never developed enough to explain why. I can't really decide if I like Clint or not. He was portrayed as such a bad boy in school, and he's suddenly a big fan of Christmas, and he's not bitter over his parents or how they acted when he was a kid. I did, however enjoy her ex-husband. He admits that it was his fault that he cheated on her and is a pretty good dad and really understanding of Jordan's job, which I really liked.

I've read a lot of Carla Cassidy's other books, but this one just didn't deliver.

Reviewed in November 2009 by Lucy.

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