by Nancy Herkness

ISBN: 0-425-19126-5
Reviewer Graphic Button Berkley
Mass Market Paperback

Kate Chilton is a widow and mother of two boys. When she discovers that her late husband not only provided poorly for his family but also had a mistress, she embarks on restoring her self-worth. She needs to re-discover her worth as an attractive and career savvy woman. So she returns to engineering and sets out to seduce a man. Playboy billionaire Randall Johnson seems the perfect choice for a one-night stand.

She uses him, keeps her distance and discards him. At least she is trying to. However, man that he is, he enjoys the hunt. First to sooth his ego then because he not only wants, but needs her. She intrigues Randall. Sheís got courage and spirit. She is full of warmth and heart. She is not someone to give up.

The results are dates, which are short and explosive, hot and burning. Leaving marks that are not easily erased or forgotten. Itís a power play then and pitching herself against Randall puts Kate in a position of female strength. So her vanity and her body are satisfied, but her heart and soul need more, demand more.

The attraction is always present and yes it is sexy and at times very seductive. It sizzles and it burns with well-placed dialogues delivered so that they sent shivers of amusement and desire down my spine. I just wish Ms. Herkness would have lingered a little longer, would have drawn out the passionate moments.

There is a lot of power in this book, with characters that kept me interested in them with their passions, their dreams and their achievements. Ms. Herkness provides plenty of opportunities for Randall to prove his worth. So that Kate soon discovers heís not just a handsome man and a wonderful lover, but also a caring and responsible friend, one unwilling to leave their affair after only one night together.

It is something to watch a man of power and influence unafraid of a womanís strength, to watch him pursue her. Itís sexy and fun. Not light and fluffy though, but deep and very emotional. And to add a final touch of sheer beauty one only has to look at the beautifully designed cover. A Bridge to Love is a stunning debut that promises to be the start of a promising writing career.

Reviewed in August 2003 by Kris Alice.

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