by Ariel Allison

October 2009
ISBN: 978-1-4267-0068-2
Reviewer Graphic Button Abingdon Press
Trade Paperback

Rio De Janeiro, Brazil Present time:

Abby Mitchell knows all there is to know about the famous Hope Diamond, except for one small detail. She did her college thesis on this and is the curator for the Smithsonian Institution. She gives tours and rattles off the history of the the great Blue to each and every group, she never tires of talking about it. When some jewel thieves try to steal it out from under her nose, Abby knows she'll have her work cut out for herself to make sure nothing like this happens again.

She has to turn to her father who had abandoned her early in life, she needs his help to figure out why people are after her due to her connection to the Hope Diamond. She cannot trust the man she has loved dearly for a long time, he has betrayed her and she is in fear for her life. Can she figure out what her connection is to the Hope Diamond before the curse strikes again?

The book started out with promise, but I found it a struggle to get through it. The reader is treated with a time line of the history of the Hope Diamond and also about the curse that was apparently attached to it. All who own the diamond will suffer hardship and in the end die due to them not believing the curse, and also because of greed. Fans of this type of story will have a hard time putting it down.

Reviewed in May 2010 by Pat.

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