by Susan Mallery

November 2009
ISBN: 978-0-373-77384-8
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Mass Market Paperback

Finally, the story that fans of this series have been waiting for: Garth Duncan and his connection with his family.

Garth has been the bad guy through most of this series but in this book, readers finally get a sneak peek into his head. Is he truly as bad as he seems? Well, he definitely is not quite the villain he has shown himself as through these books. In fact, deep down he is kind of a nice guy who carries around a lot of hurt, anger, and sadness.

Dana Birch has been appointed by her best friends, the Titan sisters, to watch over every move Garth makes. This puts Garth and Dana in close contact and soon a strong attraction springs up between them. Garth admires Dana’s strong personality and ability to cope with whatever life has thrown at her. Dana does not want to find kindness and goodness in Garth; he is supposed to be the enemy. But the more time they spend together, the harder it is for Dana to keep him in the bad guy role.

As Jed Titan becomes more threatening, Dana and Garth have to make some hard decisions. Will they lose a burgeoning love in the process?

Hot on Her Heels proves to be the strongest book in this series. Garth has a lot of twists and turns in his personality that make for interesting characterization. Dana is perhaps a bit more straightforward character, but she definitely has a dark past of her own. I really liked how these two went toe to toe with each other. These are both strong characters and they had the best scenes when they interacted together.

The story faltered when the Titan sisters tried to drag Garth into the family fold. It felt very forced and even out of character for him, so there is some inconsistency in this story. However, overall this story is engaging, sexy, and did not have really annoying characters. Dana and Garth have a great connection from chapter one and forward and they make this series worth finishing. Susan Mallery brought back her signature romantic storytelling to make this story a winner.

Reviewed in November 2009 by Sarah.

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