by Carly Phillips

ISBN: 0-446-51152-8
Reviewer Graphic Button Warner Books

The last of the “Chandler Boys” story is about the oldest Chase Chandler and what a story it is. Chase is the one who became the head of the household at age 18 and the one that became the father figure to his two younger teenage brothers. He now wants to lead the life he put on hold when his father passed away and took over the Yorkshire Gazette Newspaper. Chase is also the last single Chandler but for how much longer? Can the heartbreaker finally be caught?

Chase wants to write a story on Michael Carlisle, a Senator running for Vice President. So off he goes to Washington, DC to visit his brother Roman, and hopefully get an interview with Madeline Carlisle the Senators wife. Only things do not go as planned, he meets a very attractive redhead at a bar around the corner from his hotel. Needless to say, Faith, goes back to his place for a one-night stand. For both of them this is a rarity and Faith had just heard some very disturbing news that she doesn’t know how to handle just yet.

Faith aka Sloane Faith Carlisle is independent, honest and pretty much straight forward in what she wants and how she feels. She has sort of two sides to herself the one she shows the public due to her father’s career and the very private side of her, where she feels comfortable in any surrounding and doesn’t have to pay attention to if she is acting with the utmost proper way. Her feelings for Chase after she runs into him in his hometown of Yorkshire Falls, increase when she is thrust into his life and realizes she is falling in love with Chase.

Chase can’t keep Sloane out of his mind. But his reporter instincts tell him there is a big story going on around him but he doesn’t know what and how he will deal with it once it is revealed. He loves Sloane but his motto of “Safety first, kids never” doesn’t put Sloane in his life, even though he cares about her deeply and loves her.

Along the way Chase and Sloane are met with danger, intrigue and a mystery that needs to be solved. But can Chase and Sloane escape unscathed? Will this bring them closer together or forced them apart? Chase is the white knight always rescuing the damsel in distress and it seems that Sloane is that damsel in more ways then one. But can Chase get over his motto to be with Sloane?

The Heartbreaker is just that - a story that will break your heart with the trials and adventures that make this a very intense and sometimes funny story. Raina with her matchmaking schemes and health problems, Roman and Rick with their brotherly advice, and let’s not forget about what brought Chase and Sloane together in the first place. This is the end of the Chandler brothers’ stories and they will be sorely missed. Ms. Phillips has done a superb job of writing Chase’s story, we get to see what made him into the man he is today and why his motto is what it is. Sloane is a delightful and the perfect heroine to Chase. I applaud Ms. Phillips for finding his perfect match and bringing them together with the ease that makes this book a keeper and one you will not want to put down until you are finished.

Reviewed in August 2003 by Pam.

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