by Sophie Kinsella

July 2009
ISBN: 978-0-385-34202-5
Reviewer Graphic Button Dial Press

Lara Lington is not exactly leading the high life right now. Her new business with her best friend is not going very well, her boyfriend has broken up with her and she just wants him back, and her parents are concerned about her future. The last thing she needs is to attend the funeral of her 105 year old great-aunt, Sadie Lancaster. No one in the family knew her and it’s the last place Lara wants to be. But something strange happens at the funeral. Suddenly, Lara is seeing Sadie’s ghost!

Lara thinks she is going crazy at first, but nope, it is truly her great-aunt Sadie floating around, demanding that Lara find Sadie’s necklace. Lara is at a total loss. What necklace? And why can only Lara see and hear Sadie?

Suddenly, life gets even crazier for Lara as she has Sadie following her around. But not just any Sadie, this is a twenty-something Sadie who loves to Charleston, wears 1920s era clothes, and wants to go out on dates. Lara needs to find this necklace, and fast, if she wants Sadie to go away.

Twenties Girl is a rather unlikely story from the author of the Shopaholic series. Lara is a nice woman just trying to make her new business a success, even as her best friend and business partner seems to have ditched her. Lara’s not doing great and the addition of a ghost to her life cannot make things any easier, right? Sophie Kinsella brings on the laughter and charm as Sadie and Lara bond, argue, and do a little spying. While Sadie could be somewhat annoying with her demands, I enjoyed seeing Lara get to know her great-aunt, and to better understand her family history. There is also a romance that starts off perfectly awkward but turns into something really rather fantastic.

As Lara embraces her ancestry, embraces a different world view, and gets to know Sadie, she changes and all for the better. She takes risks, gets over minor embarrassments and starts to better understand herself.

Twenties Girl was not what I was expecting; even having read the synopsis, but I thoroughly enjoyed this story. It has a unique charm to it that will make you smile and laugh.

Reviewed in August 2009 by Sarah.

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