by Lori Foster, Deirdre Martin, Elizabeth Bevarly, Christie Ridgway

December 2009
ISBN: 978-0425230114
Reviewer Graphic Button Berkley
Trade Paperback

Lori Foster pens a new Winston family story in Hart and Soul. Hart Winston is determined to speak with Lisa Vogle. They had a one-night stand and she kept trying to contact him. Now it is Hart determined to talk with her. What she reveals could bring them closer together, or farther apart.

Lori Foster pens a satisfying romance. Hart and Lisa have plenty of chemistry and their combative energy is taut and intense. I was glad Lisa gave Hart some hell for their night together but he had a good sense of humor about it while also knowing he was not the classiest guy that night. Good story overall.

In Deirdre Martinís Breaking the Ice two new residents to exciting New York City connect as friends. But Lennie wants something more with Blades hockey star, Sebastian Ivanov. Will he give their burgeoning friendship a chance for something more?

Lennie and Sebastian make cute friends but even more sizzling lovers. I liked how they took the time to get to know each other and were able to make their friendship into something more important. Theirs is a story of friendship and love entwining in the best combination: happily-ever-after.

Elizabeth Bevarly sets up a story of polar opposites falling for each other in Double Booked. Amanda Bingham is on her first vacation in a long time. Some time to relax is just what she needs. Unfortunately, her nemesis, Max Callahan, is also staying at the same condo. He is stress-free and in Amandaís eyes, a lazy bum. But with attraction simmering beneath the surface, can these two put their differences aside for a vacation filled with love?

Elizabeth Bevarly gives her characters a vacation to remember as they both try to loosen up and get along. Max and Amanda may seem different from each other at first, but they share a lot more than either is willing to admit. This is an easy breezy and refreshing story.

Christie Ridgway writes Original Zin with wit and humor. John Henry Hudson has never met anyone like Zin Friday before. She is a woman with a hectic schedule filled with myriad jobs. They are coming from totally different backgrounds but that doesnít stop love from happening. But just how it happens is all the fun in Original Zin.

Christie Ridgway pens a short and satisfying read. John Henry and Zin sparkle and sizzle together.

Double the Heat is a very enjoyable collection of contemporary romance stories. Each story is unique and charming.

Reviewed in January 2010 by Sarah.