by Brenda Joyce

ISBN: 0312284748
Reviewer Graphic Button St. Martin`s Press

The mystery and suspense of Double Take starts right from the first page with a midnight phone call from Kait London's twin sister, Lana Coleman.

Lana and Kait have never been close like other sisters and rarely get in touch with each other. The last time that Kait knew of her twin's whereabouts was almost seven years ago.

Kait is thrilled to see her twin again and thinks their relationship may change. At the restaurant, Lana asks Kait to take her place for two days, so that she can have time to borrow money to pay her creditor, who threatens her and her four-year-old daughter's life.

Kait arrives at Fox Hollow as "Lana" and meets her family for the first time. She is not welcomed home with open arms, but a furious husband, Trev Coleman, who hands her a divorce paper.

Trev Coleman has been married to Lana for six years and regrets everyday of it. His wife has been cheating on him and it is public knowledge that she seduces and sleeps with any men handy. Trev senses something different in the new "Lana" who recently returns from New York but he doesn't know that Lana has a twin nor does he believe that she has a change of heart. However, "Lana" becomes a good mother to their daughter and even a friend to her rebellious stepdaughter. He also finds himself attracted to "Lana" and cannot keep his mind off her.

The theme and plot of twins switching places have been used for years in movies, novels and dramas. In Double Take, Kait and Lana are two identical twins with characters as opposite as night and day, where Kait is a well-liked individual and Lana is a hateful creature. The intention of Lana's deception gives both readers and Kait a charade to solve and the growing suspense intensifies the twists and tension of the tale. I mostly love the way how Ms Joyce ends the story with a double standard - right the justice without the evil twin ending up in jail.

Reviewed in June 2003 by Rose.

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