by Felicia Forella

July 2009
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When first we meet Julia Stone, she's having dinner with her teenage (almost grown) daughter. But Dalton Fairchild notices her and his hunger rises for a woman of sophistication, someone with experience and so he approaches her. As the evening progresses, she finds out that he used to work with her snake of an ex-husband and is put off by that fact. However, something about him draws her in and she finds herself enthralled by a secret world he offers her.

Dalton Fairchild has things about him that no one has ever accepted and he's beginning to wonder if anyone can love him and accept him as he is, a hungry savage with a dark side.

The story between Julia and Dalton was a really good story. However, there were some flaws to the plot line that weren't consistant. She distrusted him too quickly based on all that she had learned and seen from him. I had never been one for BDSM, but I did like how it was introduced and I will be careful not to rule out those types of erotica in the future, having enjoyed this one as much as I did. Over all, it was a good read and I am looking forward to more novels by this author.

Reviewed in October 2009 by Lucy.

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