by Cherry Adair

August 2003
ISBN: 0-8041-2002-1
Reviewer Graphic Button Ballantine Books
Mass Market Paperback

As always Cherry Adair opens her story with a bang and doesnít slow down until Iím deeply immersed in the story. Sizzling heat, a grueling march through a deadly desert and the danger of a terrorist crazy enough to wreck havoc on the world with the help of a viral agent deliver the necessary suspense to keep me riveted.

Out of Sight is AJ Cooperís story. Sure it is because of Kane Wright that I picked the book to read, but it is AJ who compels my attention. Itís AJ who grows from a badly shaken T-FLAC operative to a woman strong and confident with no need for approval and admiration.

Sheís a former beauty queen and a talented sniper. She is the T-FLACís best chance of apprehending a wanted terrorist in Egypt. Sheís working together with a legend, Kane Wright. And she makes a mistake. A mistake that has her struggling to stay on the team, to earn the respect of her hero. More is at stake though. Her shattered confidence needs a second chance, especially as her hero worship changes to deeper more dangerous feelings.

And Kane? He is a loner, unwilling to take on the responsibility of looking out for a rookie. Heís not risking his mission by acting on his attraction for one beautiful kick-ass agent. No worries! Itís a Cherry Adair book. And although it might take long tension filled pages before the first kiss is consumed. Itís a beautiful and exciting build up to it. And when they really get to it, itís as inventive and surprising as ever.

Out of Sight delivers exactly what Cherry Adairís fans have been waiting for. Another Wright book filled with action, exotic locations and sex. It doesnít disappoint. Looking for more though, this story might fall short of expectations, as it is sadly lacking the usual Cherry Adair humor. And although it is character driven, it doesnít delve deep enough into some of them. Iíd have loved to learn more about the villain and even more about Kane. So it stays a simple good against evil story, not always logical, but definitely entertaining.

Reviewed in September 2003 by Kris Alice.

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