by Ilona Andrews

April 2008
ISBN: 978-0-441-01583-2
Reviewer Graphic Button Ace Books
Mass Market Paperback

Atlanta is no longer the high-energy metropolis of the South. With magic and technology at odds, cities have crumbled, leaving behind a wasteland of stone and concrete. This urban wreckage is the backdrop for the Magic series by Ilona Andrews.

Mercenary Kate Daniels has been asked to find a special set of maps stolen from The Pack. This militaristic band of shapeshifters don't want their fortress compromised. With magic hitting the city in waves of power, all manner of unusual events are unfolding. Kate finds the maps, only to lose them again to a quick-fingered Robin Hood character. Curran, the Beast King, is not amused.

There is a lot more at stake than Pack security as Kate uncovers a coven's plot to reanimate old deities who don't play well with others. Will she be able to stop them in time? What is she going to do with Julie, the witch's orphan she has taken under her wing?

Magic Burns continues to flesh out the characters in this new Atlanta. We learn more about Kate, Curran and his pack, as well as some other key players. Ms. Andrews does a great job of staying within the world she has created. Her characters are fresh and the plot exciting. I can't wait to read her next book.

Reviewed in June 2009 by Paula.

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