by Lily Langtry

July 2009
ISBN: 978-0-8439-6291-8
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Mass Market Paperback

I Shot You Babe by Leslie Langtry is a funny laugh out loud read but I felt it took forever for the romance to begin. Yes you will laugh with this story but the mystery part was not that great for me. The writing was done very well though; its just not my type of book.

Coney Bombay, Cy for short has a Ph.D. in philosophy and works as a mechanic with the Carney circuit. This has been one job hes had for a dozen years and one he really enjoys. He travels in his motor home with his very best friend Sartre, a guinea pig.

When soon to be graduate student Veronica Gale interviews Cy in Wisconsin shes not happy with how the interview has gone and just stomps away full of anger with Cys attitude.

While in Mongolia he is given an assignment for an assassination. It has been a family business no questions asked and a job to be done. Since the age of five Cy has been taught how to do his job and walk away. What he did not expect was to see Veronica again and that could change everything.

How will this all work out once the romance starts? Will Cy walk away from Veronica because of what his family expects from him or will he walk away from his family? Also will he be able to kill this person without hurting Veronica? Who shot who or did anyone really get shot? Will these two have a life after all that has happen in Mongolia? Lots of question and they will be answered.

As I said this was written very well but I was looking for more of the romance and a bigger type mystery. I am sure you will enjoy this book; it is just not for me.

Reviewed in July 2009 by Theresa.

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