by Sheila Roberts

October 2009
ISBN: 0-312-38482-3
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Trade Paperback

In her newest book Angel Lane, Sheila Roberts shows what can happen when three friends get together and decide that their hometown of Heart Lake isnít as friendly as it once was. They therefore decide that if everyone could do one little favor for someone else, it would eventually evolve into bringing the heart back into Heart Lake and make their community a friendly place once again.

However, while the idea is fairly easy to conceive and should be easy to implement Jamie, Emma, and Sarah find that it is somewhat harder to gain momentum for their movement than they first thought. When hardly anyone shows up for the inaugural meeting of the Have a Heart campaign, they donít give up, and each sets out to do a good deed for someone anyway.

While the paying it forward isnít always easy, and the women are slightly discouraged they donít give up, and in the end the campaign has rewards beyond what the women could have hoped for.

Angel Lane is a piece of women's fiction that shows how determination can change not only one personís life, but those of an entire community. As I was reading I was so wrapped up in each of the women's lives, and struggles to evolve that I didnít realize how quickly the pages were turning. I had not previously read Ms. Roberts, but now I plan on checking my TBR pile to see if I have any of her previous titles.

Reviewed in October 2009 by Sandi.

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