by Lois Richer

April 1999
ISBN: 0-373-87059-0
Reviewer Graphic Button Love Inspired
Mass Market Paperback

Darcy Simms had a difficult time growing up and she was labeled a troublemaker. Her selfish parents even felt that she was always getting into trouble to hurt them. All Darcy ever wanted was to be loved and felt that her parents did not. As a result, Darcy ran away pregnant and alone, determined to make it on her own without their help. She was going to show her child that she loved him and that she will always make sure her son loved her in return.

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Years later, Darcy had come home, tired and fired from work, to find a man on her doorstep. Luke Lassiter had come to take her home, to her part of the ranch that was left to her by her parents. Darcy, at first, refused to go and wanted nothing to do with the life that she left behind. But Luke was determined to get her back to her parents' home and with the grace of God succeeded. Lost and hurt with really no place to go, she returned home with Luke.

This book is very much a Christian romance and one that I could read again and again. If you are soft at heart and have been know to cry in a critical moment then this book will tug at your heartstrings and leave you crying like a baby. I should know - I cried throughout the whole book!

Lois Richer is a wonderful author of the sub-genre of Inspirational Romance. She writes as if this story was a part of her tale in real life. She has a way of getting across a message - that God loves you unconditionally in spite of your imperfections - that is neither preachy nor pious.

I am not a person who usually likes to read Christian romance books but when I read this book, I felt that this was a story that could happen to anyone and probably has - I highly recommend this book if you are looking for a change in your romance reading. It just might give you another category to add on your romance bookshelf!

Reviewed in September 2001 by Starla.

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