by Christine Feehan

September 2009
ISBN: 978-0-425-22973-6
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Ivory Malinov, one of the beloved sisters of five Carpathian hunters, centuries have passed and except for her wolf pack she is alone, presumed dead. She is the dark slayer, a legend in the vampire world; few vampires have crossed her path and survived. Betrayed by her people, her family, now her wolf pack is the only family she has or wants. She hunts the vampire like one born to the task, striking fear in the withered hearts of her enemies. One night she comes across a Carpathian man half buried in the snow and discovers her life-mate.

Razvan has been branded a criminal by the Carpathian people. Borne of the revered dragon seeker lineage he seeks the cleansing light of the dawn sun after centuries of imprisonment by the evil mage Xavier. To find the salvation of his life-mate is a miracle he does not believe he deserves. Nevertheless it is with Ivory’s generous tutelage in the warrior arts and magic that Razvan may finally be able to destroy Xavier before he can carry out his latest act of aggression on the Carpathian royal family.

Dark Slayer takes the Carpatian story to a new level. The action is Feehan fast and furious. Expect to get emotional in some scenes and hot-and-seriously-bothered in many others. Nothing about this book is lacking. Christine Feehan is in fine form in Dark Slayer and no one will be disappointed.

Reviewed in November 2009 by Cynthia.

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