by Lorie O`Clare

January 2003
ISBN: 1-59279-033-X
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For those who say that eBooks are stilted and dull, let me suggest you try reading Nuworld by Lorie O’Clare. This fast-paced futuristic tale jumps from one adventure to another without a breath.

Tara is a Runner, one of the races that populates Nuworld. Raised to hate the Gothman race, she is curious about her enemies, and sets out to learn about them. With the help of a mysterious yet knowledgeable woman, Tara gets more than she bargains for! She gets a look at Gothman all right – she gets claimed as bride by their Lord, Darius.

Tara’s journey has only just begun, however, as she single handedly stops a war, practically starts a war, gets captured, escapes, and probably stops yet another war. Oh, and has twins. Whew.

In fact, this incredible Perils-of-Pauline style of writing may be a bit of a drawback. I would have parted with at least one of these adventures in trade for a little deeper look at some of the people in this story. Especially Darius, whose actions cause quite an upheaval. I was very saddened by this, because it seemed out of character, and disappointing, given the sort of man we’d been led to believe Darius was.

But I was involved, swept up in the improbable adventures of our heroine as she bikes her way from crisis to crisis. The different races were very well thought out, and the settings were word-perfect. I have to wonder if there will be more Nuworld tales. I hope so, especially some that slow down a little and give the reader a chance to look around! Lorie O’Clare has found a magic formula for a futuristic adventure – great characters and a solid story, which launch Nuworld into a very exciting orbit.

Reviewed in May 2003 by Celia.

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