by Annaliese Evans

September 2009
ISBN: 978-0-7653-6167-7
Reviewer Graphic Button Tor Books
Mass Market Paperback

Following the defeat of the ogre uprising that would have destroyed both the human and supernatural worlds, Rosemarie Edenburg, now Rosemarie Barrows, Lady Shenley earned a well deserved rest. Even as she begins to settle into her new life with Gareth, Lord Shenley, her attraction to Ambrose Minuit, her fey advisor, is a lingering shadow. But that is the least of her problems.

Gareth has been acting strangely for some time now. He is hiding something from Rosemarie and her suspicions grow darker every day.

Gareth is hiding an old secret, an old curse, that when revealed will rock the foundations of Rosemarie’s perceptions and her trust. To make matters even worse, an ancient power grows restless and vengeful, hovering on the edge of wakefulness. Should it awaken the threat of the ogres will look like a tea party in comparison.

The Prince of Frogs, the second book in Annaliese Evans’ Briar Rose trilogy, takes our warrior queen down dark and heartbreaking paths that will test the strength of her sword arm and her heart. I adore what Annaliese Evans has done with this fairy tale. She has brought out all of the grim and given Rosemarie a happier ending.

Reviewed in November 2009 by Cynthia.

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