by Anna DeStephano

September 2009
ISBN: 978-0-505-52819-3
Reviewer Graphic Button Lovespell
Mass Market Paperback

Twins Maddie and Sarah Temple tried to have a normal childhood but from the moment they realized they were different, everything changed. Maddie tried to tap down the powers that got stronger as she got older, while Sarah used her powers over people more and more. Could the end result have been the tragedy that tears the family apart when the twins are sixteen or was it something darker and uglier?

Fast forward 10 years and Dr. Maddie Temple is having some problems that has the attention of the hospital higher-ups. She has an appointment with Dr. Jarred Keith, who will decide her future. Little does Maddie know that Jarred isnít like the other psychiatrist she was ordered to see. She wonít be able to fool him. Maddieís life, as she knows it, is about to get turned upside down when she discovers that her Mother, Phyllis, has lied to her for a lot of years and what Maddie thought to be true is entirely false.

Dark Legacy, book one of the Legacy series, by Anna DeStefano is a strong paranormal tale of deceit, lies, guilt, anger, madness and a true fight between good and evil, darkness and light. I was a tad confused at first about the methods being used but the book was so riveting, I kept reading and it all fell into place Ė a very scary place because I can see this actually happening sometime in the future. Maddie and Jarred have much to overcome in their quest but Iím happy to say that they succeed, although it was almost too much to bear, at times. Iíll admit that Phyllisí explanation as to why she did what she did was bogus but fear can make us do strange things. Iím on pins and needles awaiting Secret Legacy, due out next year.

Reviewed in October 2009 by PamL.

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