by Elizabeth Hoyt

November 2009
ISBN: 978-0446406949
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Mass Market Paperback

Beatrice Corning is tolerating another rather dull political tea for the sake of her Uncle Reggie, the Earl of Blanchard, when a commotion disturbs the event. The sight of a savage man entering the house sends ripples throughout the crowd, but it is when Beatrice recognizes him as the supposedly dead Reynaud St. Aubyn, Viscount Hope, and the true heir to the Blanchard estate and title, that things get really interesting.

Reynaud has traveled endlessly to make it back to England. For seven years he has made it his mission to return home, claim his title, and find some sense of normalcy again. Instead, he finds things are even more different than ever. His father is dead and in his place is an imposter posing as the Earl of Blanchard. Reynaud knows that is his title and he will do whatever it takes to gain it back.

Beatrice cannot believe Reynaud is back. Thought long dead, murdered by Native Americans, his re-entrance into society is turning her life upside down. Her comfy existence as the niece of an Earl is now in question. But more than anything, her feelings for Reynaud are growing daily. His savage appearance and rough exterior hide a scarred and hurt heart and Beatrice wants to help him. Soon, aid turns into desire. But is desire enough or will Reynaud drive her away with his quest for his title?

To Desire a Devil is the final book in Elizabeth Hoyt’s The Legend of the Four Soldiers series. The dynamic chemistry between Beatrice and Reynaud is explosive from the very beginning. There is just something utterly compelling about the combination of the more primitive Reynaud and the strait-laced English lady that Beatrice represents. Theirs is a complicated union because of Bea’s loyalties to her Uncle Reggie. On the other hand, she has never felt desire or devotion like this to any man before.

I also really enjoyed the political tone of this story, with Bea’s involvement in trying to get better funds for soldiers. She is a fierce protector and not at all afraid to voice her opinion, even as she uses her English gentility against others in gentle set downs.

To Desire a Devil is an excellent conclusion to this series. There is a fierceness in Reynaud and Bea’s relationship that is sizzling to read about. Elizabeth Hoyt is a master of the historical romance. With seduction, desire, and excellent characters, there is no way to go wrong with To Desire a Devil.

Reviewed in October 2009 by Sarah.

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