by Nora Roberts

November 2009
ISBN: 978-0-425-23007-7
Reviewer Graphic Button Berkley
Trade Paperback

Emma Grant is a true romantic and those traits inspire her everyday as she makes beautiful and unique flower arrangements for the various weddings and events that Vows hosts. Unfortunately, she has not yet found her own Mr. Right but she is always on the lookout for him! Lately however, the sparks have been lighting up closer to home with a certain architect.

Jack Cooke has been a friend of Emmaís for many years. The attraction has been there but neither has ever acted on it, too cautious about losing their friendship. Instead, Jack has dated a bevy of beautiful women, but no relationship really lasts long. That all changes when Emma and Jack decide to take a chance on their chemistry and go with the flow. Their friends are cautiously optimistic. Can the eternal romantic and the serial dater find happiness together, or is Emma in for some serious heartbreak?

Bed of Roses is entertaining and enjoyable! The friendships between the women remain an intricate and necessary part of the story and readers get glimpses into future characters. The business and the importance of Vows also remain vital to the story. But of course, it is the budding romance between florist Emma and architect Jack that is the storyís heart and soul. There is plenty in this tale of love to make any romanticís heart soar: kisses, romantic getaways, and emotional confessions. This book is just about perfectly solid, but only slides a bit when it comes to the conflict surrounding Jack and his feelings about commitment.

Jack plays up the poor little me, my parents got divorced card way too much and uses it as a shield. There are not enough details in this story to give credence to Jackís claim that the divorce was really hard on him. His parents moved on, remarried and found a new happiness, but Jack puts that all in a bad light, making his conflict very tedious and two-dimensional.

That small criticism aside, this is another winning story in this quartet series. I feel like Nora Roberts is finally going back to her pure romance roots, and itís all for the best. I cannot wait to read about Laurel and Parkerís happily-ever-after. The friendship and romance in this story are perfectly in synch, making Bed of Roses an engaging and quality read.

Reviewed in October 2009 by Sarah.

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