by Shannah Biondine

December 2002
ISBN: 189484190-5
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Trade Paperback

EIDOLON is the third story in the Anthology TWILIGHT CROSSINGS, and is somewhat different in tone from the others. Lovers of the old television series “Twilight Zone” will recognize the ambience of this plot, especially by the ending.

Ms. Biondine has a wonderful talent with writing in the paranormal genre. Her plots are incredibly imaginative and engrossing, and though not really a fan of this particular style (SciFi/futuristic), I still enjoy reading her stories to see just what new creative idea she has come up with!

EIDOLON does not disappoint. Azubah Malet is the Devil’s younger sister and they have kept a long-running ‘bet’ going between them that involves the ‘loser’ in committing to something drastic. In Lucifer’s case, if he loses he will have to make an apology to God for his willful downfall, and thus ending the disgrace of his clan and allowing them all to return to their former ‘glory’. Of course, Lucifer is determined this is one bet he will never lose! And he’s got down-right sneaky, evil plans to ensure Azubah will be the loser!

Readers must not look for the typical happy-ever-after ending because this is not a romance. Set in Colorado, 1880, it’s a Time Travel-with-a-twist. And, “Twilight Zone” lovers will no doubt be demanding “More!” of this genre from Ms. Biondine.

The other stories, ISADORA (by Jeanne Allen), TWIN STAR (by Jeanine Berry), and THIEF OF DREAMS (by Sheri McGathy) in this anthology are also good. TWILIGHT CROSSINGS makes a great addition to any collection in this genre.

Reviewed in March 2003 by Kari.

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