by Desiree Lindsey

December 2002
ISBN: 09677336
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Trade Paperback

In the wild, untamed lands of Wales, 1815, Lady Madeline Carlton has one desire: she needs to find the ‘mystical healer of the mists’ for her mortally wounded father. What she finds in her desperate search is more than she ever imagined possible. From the first moment she stumbles into the path of the ‘Lord of the Mists’, her life is irrevocably changed forever.

Ifan Gwalt (Dance) is a self-exiled mystic healer living with haunting memories---a time in the past when he lost all that was most precious to him. He doesn’t want Madeline, or anyone else, trespassing into his reclusive world at Wolfglyn and he’ll fight that intrusion with every power he has.

But Ifan and Madeline’s lives are destined to be together, and there’s no fighting destiny. Treachery, secrets, desires and passions, reign. Love grows between them, a love that Ifan fights against in maddening desperation.

This is a wonderfully passionate love story, spicy; filled with mystical healings, God-given powers, dark secrets, forgiveness, and a love that “heals all”.

Ms. Lindsey has a wonderful way of bringing her characters to life, and leaving the reader wishing the story didn’t yet have to come to an end. This reviewer looks forward to reading more of this talented author’s books!

Reviewed in March 2003 by Kari.

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