by Eve Silver

September 2009
ISBN: 978-0-8217-8130-2
Reviewer Graphic Button Zebra Books
Mass Market Paperback

Catherine Weston arrives at Cairncroft Abbey because of an urgent plea from a childhood classmate. It comes at the right time in her life. She lost her job as a companion and with all the rumors floating around about Catherine it isn’t likely she will find another job soon.

She remembers Madeline as an outcast at Browning. But for Catherine she is a heroine. Madeline saved her from a horrific death when they were children. A request to visit Madeline now is the least Catherine can do for her. But Cairncroft is not what Catherine expects. It looms dark, with a cheerless atmosphere toward all who dare approach. Much like its inhabitants as it turns out.

From the beginning of her stay Catherine feels like she is being watched. In fact, she sees a figure of a man barely discernible through the mass of twisted woods outside Cairncroft Abbey. Catherine later thinks the watcher in the woods bears a striking resemblance to the Abbey’s owner, Sir Gabriel St. Aubyn.

Gabriel is not happy about having a stranger visiting the home he shares with his afflicted cousin Madeline. He knew of the forthcoming intrusion thereby making plans to be away to London. After meeting Catherine, Gabriel reconsiders and changes his plans to a short trip. She stirs within him feelings he never thought possible. Catherine Weston brings light into Gabriel’s life making him dare to hope for a better life.

Upon the tremulous foundation of a mutual attraction, Catherine and Gabriel try to build a relationship. They soon realize to forge a new life with one another they must first tear down the walls they’ve built throughout the years. To do this requires trust. How can there be trust when a madman is terrorizing the countryside? A madman eerily resembling Gabriel St. Aubyn.

Don’t let the cover and title of this book mislead you. The pages within tell a dark tale of secrets and murder. Ms. Silver does a great job of showing the reader how Catherine and Gabriel became who they are and what it cost them to love and allow themselves to be loved. Seduced by a Stranger is a Gothic love story by Eve Silver. She expertly creates ambiance in her novels and keeps the pages turning.

Reviewed in August 2009 by Rho.

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