by Jane Toombs

May 2009
ISBN: 978-1-60272-510-2
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Creole Betrayal is a unique and intriguing read that encompasses triumph and hardship with true love as the ultimate prize.

On a ship bound for New Orleans Jurissa Winterton is newly married and trying to make the best of a most unsuitable husband. However, she canít help but be drawn to a handsome stranger who befriends her, a fellow passenger Leon du Motier. The two enjoy a light flirtation that becomes more serious when, in a twist of events, Jurissaís tyrant of a husband Phillip goes missing. It is now up to Jurissa to make a life for herself and her husbandís two slaves in a strange new place.

Leon is enraptured by Jurissaís unique beauty and finds her youthful air of innocence enchanting. At first he pursues her for no more than a dalliance, but soon true feelings develop that he is forbidden to act on because of numerous obligations. What follows is a series of heartbreaking events that conspire to keep the two lovers apart.

Throughout the turmoil and intricacy of the plot were two very well-developed characters. Jurissa and Leon are warm and likable and it wasnít hard to identify with the tough choices they each had to make. Jurissa did seem a bit naÔve at first, but she grew up rather quickly which I found admirable.

Meanwhile Leon seemed like an easy charmer, but I could see that his feelings for Jurissa grew far beyond the physical over time. I will admit though that I was a bit frustrated towards the end with regards to the secrets they both keep from each other. Jurissa also faced intolerable cruelty that I found, most of the time, difficult to stomach.

Creole Betrayal was an entrancing tale that I found hard to put down. In the end, aside from the unsavory elements, I feel it was a very satisfying read.

Reviewed in July 2009 by Kelly-Anne.

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