by Laura Lee Guhrke

September 2009
ISBN: 978-0-06-145683-1
Reviewer Graphic Button Avon Books
Mass Market Paperback

Daisy Merrick wants to be a writer. Unfortunately and practically speaking, she just cannot afford to not work. An unexpected boon falls into her lap when she is hired for the short term to review infamous writer Sebastian Grantís, the Earl of Avermore, most current play. Daisy is excited and hopes for the best. Once upon a time, Sebastian Grant used to be one of Englandís most treasured writers. Lately however, his work has been a bit of a shambles and Daisy is disappointed to discover that his new play is a dismal disaster. Daisy takes her rapier wit and decimates Sebastianís play in a local newspaper.

Sebastian is furious and lashes out, accusing Daisy of never being able to truly write while she fires back that all he has produced in recent years is drivel. Itís a battle of wits that is only going to become more provocative when Daisy tells Sebastian she is his new editor...and needs a new book from him in a matter of weeks. Too bad Sebastian has given up on writing.

With Seduction in Mind is filled with clever and thoughtful characters and a romance that will keep you on tenterhooks. Sebastian and Daisy are at total ends of the writing spectrum. Sebastian is disillusioned and angry while Daisy is innocent, a bit naÔve, but has great ambition and hope. She is not afraid to reach for her dream, to work for it and she knows Sebastianís help will make her dream more of a reality. He is a fantastic writer after all.

This is a story of two swift minds finally finding someone who can meet them wit for wit, and word for word. Sebastian took a bit too long to get his act together, but Daisy proved to be a genuine and warm character. Their story is almost perfect.

With Seduction in Mind is another great entry in Laura Lee Guhrkeís Girl Bachelor series. There is a palpable tension between Daisy and Sebastian from the moment they meet and that tension only intensifies as the story continues. This is a fabulous historical romance.

Reviewed in August 2009 by Sarah.

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