by Shelby Lewis

March 2003
ISBN: 1-58314-325-4
Reviewer Graphic Button Arabesque Books
Mass Market Paperback

No More Tears by Shelby Lewis starts out with a bang when artist Miranda Evans learns that not only is her husband divorcing her for another woman whom he has impregnated, but he also wants her to move out of the home that they have shared for seven years. The arrogant monster has the gall to tell her that he needs the residence to house his soon-to-be-new-wife and child, while Miranda on the other hand, doesn’t need the space.

In those first few pages, we experience all of the emotions Miranda experiences – disbelief, confusion, humiliation and finally, rage. Her rage is what gives her the impetus to just vacate the house (never to return) minutes after her husband has left after issuing his demands. In the process, she denies him the ability to move on with his oh-so-perfect second life (THREE CHEERS FOR MIRANDA!). Miranda takes nothing with her.

The next time we meet Miranda, she is lying broken and tired on the central Oklahoma property of Brody Campbell, a successful rancher, descended from a long line of ranchers. Brody is also known in the horse ranching community as one of the best horse whisperers around. Instinct tells him what to do when he finds Miranda, who has become an itinerant artist traveling through Oklahoma and paying her way with her art. He takes her home and he tries to help her heal.

The secondary characters in the book are entertaining, including Brody's ranch hand, Duke; his housekeeper,Lillian; Miranda’s ex-husband who finally tracks her down for his divorce, and Brody’s jealous ex-girlfriend who effectively wreaks havoc just when Brody and Miranda have decided to come together. Miranda eventually decides to go back to Tulsa to face her old life, so that she can move on with a new one.

The book was interesting in that the reader learns about the history of African American ranchers in Oklahoma, some of whom are still maintaining their land today. Ms. Lewis shows a wonderful talent for interweaving a story, but I wanted more from the characters. I wanted more dialogue, more emotions and more buildup. Additionally, I found the frequent references to fairy tales and characters not to my liking.

Reviewed in May 2003 by Lisa.

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