by Alyssa Brooks

May 2009
ISBN: 978-1-4199-2222-0
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Brendan Morgan needs a bad girl. Someone who’ll follow him into the realms of kink without a second thought. Someone who isn’t afraid to get a little dirty. Someone who will let him play with his exotic belt collection and enjoy it. Fearing he’ll never meet that woman, Brendan is stunned when he meets Sara at a friend’s wedding.

Sara Foster has four failed marriages behind her. The last thing she wants or need right now is another relationship. She’s learned her lesson. However, when she meets Brendan, she can’t resist. Bossy, charming and very dominant, Sara begins to realize he’s not just a caveman – he’s a man who can break down the barriers she’s erected around her heart.

Spanking Sara is an undeniably sexy romp. From the opening pages the characters suck you into the story. Sara is a woman who has had her fingers burned numerous times with previous men; none have been able to show her the fire and passion she needs. As the story unfolds, Ms. Brooks weaves a compelling tale of Sara’s needs – as the reader discovers, Sara has hidden her deepest desires, the desire to submit, even from herself. As the revelation hits Sara, it also comes as a surprise to the reader. After all, a woman as confident and sexy as Sara, we’d expect her to already know what her sexual desires are. I found that rather endearing.

Brendan is almost a mirror image of Sara, expect he’s male and a Dominant. All his life he has longed for a naughty girl, a dirty girl to spank and take his kink desires. He finds all this in Sara but convincing her to obey, to enjoy, is another matter!

Overall, it is a well crafted story with interesting characters. The sex scenes are extremely erotic, just be sure to keep a hose handy to douse the fires they'll create! However, the book receives four roses and not five. At times the plot was too syrupy and the characters so ‘perfect’ it seemed a bit contrived.

Reviewed in July 2009 by Donna.

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