by Annaliese Evans

April 2009
ISBN: 9780765361660
Reviewer Graphic Button Tor Books
Mass Market Paperback

Rosemarie Edenberg, known to the dreaded ogres as Briar Rose, has fought relentlessly to rid the mortal world of their murderous hordes. With the aid of her enigmatic fey liaison and advisor Ambrose Minuit and the vampire Gareth, Lord Shenley Rose battles to put an end to the Hordes’ latest plan. Rosemarie was once cursed to an enchanted sleep for one hundred years. Now she faces betrayal from the last person she would expect and a most unlikely savior who just may save her heart and her soul.

A great host of ogres have descended on London to work a spell aimed at destroying their greatest enemy—Rosemarie. However, that is not the sole aim of this particular spell. An ancient force sleeps beneath the Thames awaiting the its chance to rise and lay waste to the mortal world.

Annaliese Evans first book in her unofficially titled Night’s Rose series Night’s Rose gives us a new Sleeping Beauty for a new decade. Annaliese Evans picks up from where the Brothers Grimm left off. Briar Rose awakens to horrors that would kill the spirit of most and takes up the sword of revenge to right the unimaginable wrongs done to her. Along the way she finds a strength that saves her soul and heals her spirit. This is no faery tale but a fantastic new incarnation of a classic heroine. Enjoy.

Reviewed in April 2010 by Cynthia.

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