by Dee S. Knight

April 2003
ISBN: 1-931761-66-8
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Itís All Relative has north and south battling it out on the playing field of love.

Jack sees attractive woman across crowded room. Jack pursues attractive woman. Jack finds out attractive womanís name is Sally. Jack and Sally are both on vacation in Nagís Head. Why not indulge in a little vacation romance? Jack must have Sally, and Sally must have Jack! Jack and Sally engage in wonderful, passionate, mind blowing sex for an entire weekend. Sally leaves Jack flat. UntilÖ

Jack and Sally find out they arenít really Jack and Sally. They are Geneva Pratt Jameson and Kyle McCaislin, and they find that out in the most unusual of ways. While attending her grandfatherís funeral, Geneva sees Kyle again for the first time in several months and to her dismay, heís of all things, her cousin! Not a distant one either, Geneva finds that she wasnít the only one who was near and dear to grandpaís heart. He shows her that in the way of his will, where he leaves his house to both her and Kyle. Geneva had high hopes for her grandfatherís house, as a chef with her own thriving business; she hoped to turn it into a bed and breakfast. While they attempt to get over the fact that they are related, and have spent an entire weekend of carnality together, they must also come to a compromise about their grandfather's house.


Kyle lives in New York and Geneva lives in North Carolina, so how will this long distance, familial romance play out?

These two had each other on a merry chase for the better part of the read, and at times it was engaging and lighthearted. I would however hesitate to say that I felt they were meant to be together even as late as the middle of the read. Once the couple connected again the desperation one feels at parting with a newly found love (or lover), just didnít exist. They seemed perfectly content in their respective parts of the world, no urgent phone calls of longing, and no red eye flights to meet clandestinely for some time. What I needed was a bit more yearning for one another; I would have been more convinced love was at work, rather than lust. I didnít want for her to cry her eyes out over him, but I could have used some good old fashioned longing.

This reviewer also likes to get to the point, and after being given a near moment-to-moment agenda for Genevaís days, I grew fidgety. Geneva showers, and changes clothes a whole lot, and I just might be able to locate grandpaís house in North Carolina, given the opportunity! Possibly a tighter edit is in order, to lessen some of the more tedious details.

Those grievances aside, Geneva is quite the character. Her get up and go is invigorating, and keeps her dialogue lively and entertaining; sheís sassy and independent. Kyle is warm and quick with a retort.

A nice formula with all the makings of hot romance, just a smidge more chemistry and emotion needed to complete the package. North meets South in Itís All Relative!

Reviewed in May 2003 by Connie.

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