by Joanne Sundell

July 2009
ISBN: 978-1594147883
Reviewer Graphic Button Five Star

1874, Boston, Denver, Hot Sulphur Springs

Meggie McMurphy is running away from Boston and the terrors she lived through. She is afraid the devil will find her no matter where she flees, but she has to, to keep the nightmare from becoming a reality again. She has decided to become a teacher in Hot Sulphur Springs, she would rather have to face Ute Indians than face her fear.

Ethan Rourke discovered Meggie in a Denver street, half out of her mind and half-naked while on his way to a business meeting with his partner, Uriah. He does not have time for this wild woman or her problems, he has problems of his own to contend with. When he learns she has left Denver, he is both relieved and yet can not stop thinking about her.

Meggie can not believe Ethan is in Hot Sulphur Springs! She is not ready in the least to get close to any man, yet he reminds her of Edward, a character in her most prized possession, the book Jane Eyre. She is attracted to him, but does not want anything to do with him. She decides to write a letter to Ethan coming clean about her past, she just is not going to give it to him. The only way he would learn of it is if her past came knocking on her door and she leaves this world.

This is not only a romantic suspense story, but also a woman's struggle with her emotions after being brutalized. The crime committed against Meggie is as old as Adam and Eve, one which no one should ever have to go through. There is strong language and sexual content during the course of Meggie's Remains don't let this stop you, Meggie's story needs to be told and needs to be read. Joanne Sundell writes from her heart she writes about a difficult subject, but does it with grace, and caring.

Reviewed in August 2009 by Pat.

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