by Mari Byrne

March 2003
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Stephanie has always wanted to have a ménage a troi. She has her sister Jan on the lookout for likely prospects to preserve her identity and her safety. When Jan meets Kristian and Mitch, she realizes they are perfect for her shy, yet adventurous younger sister.

Royal princes, Mitch and Kristian are twins and have come to Earth looking for their mate who will be the next queen of Aranak. After their father’s death, their mother, Queen Sara has become more and more unstable. The twins are unaware of how unstable their mother really is. Queen Sara is out to destroy Aranak.

When Stephanie meets the twins, she is nervous. She has always wanted to have a ménage, but was too unsure of herself to try. She is grateful that Jan is willing to help her. One look at Kristian and Mitch, and the sparks fly. These three throw off enough heat to start a fire. After the initial awkwardness of the first time, Mitch, Kristian and Stephanie spend two days and nights engaged in the hottest, most incredible sex of their lives. When it is over, Stephanie is sad to see their interlude end, but what she doesn’t know is that the twins don’t intend to end anything. For Aranak twins, separating from your mate is a death sentence, literally. Once bonded, mated and the psychic link established, the trio cannot be separated. The males would succumb to jealousy and madness and kill each other. After some initial resistance, Stephanie accepts her marriage to the twins and begins to fall in love with them. When a former lover of the twins kidnaps Stephanie, they are in a race to save her and themselves from destroying each other.

Stephanie’s Ménage is a delightful, sexy fun fantasy. Stephanie is funny, adventurous and can keep her head in a crisis. Even after being kidnapped, drugged, and beaten, she manages to save herself. The twins are sexy as hell. How could you not fall in love with two men whose sole pleasure is to make sure that you are happy and to cater to your every whim? I appreciated the fact that Stephanie didn’t stay in denial about who the twins were. Mitch and Kristian are sexy. I really liked that they listened to Stephanie and really cared about her feelings, and were willing to compromise. The villains are evil, over-the-top and very easy to hate. I get the feeling that this is going to be the first in a series. I am eagerly awaiting the next installment.

Reviewed in May 2003 by Carolyn.

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