by Sherry Hall Mauro

2009 Reissue
ISBN: 1-55410-191-3
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Brooke Vaughn’s family disapproves of her plans to marry Armand who is also her father’s attorney. It causes a breach between her, her brother, father, and her aunt/stepmother. Suspicions of Armand arise when a coffin is found in the cellar. Brooke’s brother realizes Armand is a vampire and doubles his efforts to change his sister’s mind. And then there is Caleb Taylor, her friend since childhood. He definitely wants to be more than a friend to Brooke. He believes Armand is only after Brooke’s money and the Vaughn mansion.

Kenneth, Brooke’s brother ends up dead, drained of all his blood. Not long afterward Brooke’s father is killed. All evidence points to Armand as the culprit for both murders. Brooke feels a change taking place within herself. She tries to break it off with Armand but Brooke continually feels a pulling force back to him. Besides, Armand doesn’t intend to make it easy for her to leave. If Brooke makes the wrong decision the cost may be her life.

The Darkest Hour by Sherry Hall Mauro is a modern take on the classic Dracula penned by Bram Stoker. Only sexier. As with all Mauro novels, The Darkest Hour is emotionally charged, spicy, and moves quickly throughout the character-driven plot. Fans of nontraditional romances with a Gothic flare will love this novella.

Reviewed in July 2009 by Rho.

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