by Sahara Kelly

May 2003
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Everyone is talking about the Crescent,the enormously popular brothel with excellent wines, good food and honest gaming tables. Colonel Jordan Lyndhurst, seventh Earl of Calverton was in pain. His back was aching and he has come to the Crescent to have one of the girls walk on his back since his regular masseuse has left the country. When Madame Charlie walked through the door, he decided that he could take care of other “aches” that have been plaguing him for almost a year since his broken engagement.

Charlie didn’t entertain clients, but she knew the Earl needed relief from his back. When he requested her services to ease his “discomfort”, she turned the tables on him and provided him with another girl to ease his “pain”. She didn’t know until too late that her plan would backfire. She found herself wanting him, so she ran.

Jordan wasn’t about to give up. He wanted Charlie and was determined to find a way to have her. He likes puzzles and Charlie is a big one. No family, no past and no intentions of getting involved. When Jordan stumbles upon Charlie in distress, he seizes the opportunity to begin his seduction.

Sahara Kelly takes us on a fun, sexy, lusty, loved filled romp with two of the most incredibly wonderful characters. Charlie is a smart, funny, beautiful, independent woman and though afraid of being hurt, she still follows her heart. Jordan is a sensitive, sexy, confident man, not afraid of an intelligent woman. These two were made for each other. I was so impressed and delighted to read a story without stupid arguments, misunderstandings and power plays. Jordan and Charlie, while both are stubborn, and strong-willed, took the time to talk to each other. And it doesn’t hurt that the sex is by turns hot, sweet, tender and fun.

I enjoyed this story very much. I can only say, run, run as fast as you can to Ellora’s Cave and buy this book. You won’t be disappointed.

Reviewed in May 2003 by carolyn.

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