by Regina Carlysle

May 2009
ISBN: 978-1-4199-2150-6
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Martha Bennett is awakened one night by a dream that feels all too real. In her new antique mirror it is not her own image staring back at her but that of a wolf. She watches as the wolf turns into a man: A very sexy man who is beckoning for her to come to him. Being empathic Martha can feel this manís lust for her, but it is difficult to believe he wants her. She is plain and full-figured. Still he insists she come to him. When Martha touches the mirror he pulls her through and she falls into his world.

He is the MacAdam. He is cursed to live in his castle alone until someone with a pure heart comes along to touch the rune designs that will set him free. Silas MacAdam knew the moment he saw her in the antique shop that she is the one who could set him free. He also knew that he wanted her in his bed.

Their idyllic time together is not long lasting. The witch Embeth who cursed him is not pleased that Martha has found her way to Silas. Embeth uses her power to send Martha back through the mirror and into the present. At first, it seems the connection with Silas has ended. Martha is in her own time and the mirror looks as any other mirror. Until one day the emotion roiling through her rises to a fevered pitch and she tries to make the mirror work. Miraculously it does and Martha goes after her man. To save him from Embeth, Martha brings him through the mirror with her into her own time.

Martha has never been one to socialize in the town she lives in, yet Silas is need of clothes so she ventures into the quiet town. There are secrets in town and now that she has made herself known, Martha is set to find out more than she cares to know.

Some erotic novellas lack character depth and emotional connections with the reader, but Ms. Carlysle has managed to keep these ingredients in Highland Beast. This spicy treat is hot, hot, hot! Her fans will be pleased and new readers will want more.

Reviewed in June 2009 by Rho.

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