by Joy Nash

June 2009
ISBN: 978-0-505-52693-9
Reviewer Graphic Button Leisure Books
Mass Market Paperback

Tori Morgan needs a fresh start. She and her long-time boyfriend have broken up, her biological clock is ticking and her last family member has died. That person was her beloved aunt who raised her after Tori's mom finally became a victim of a drug overdose. Her aunt left Tori the only gift she could: an old rundown house near the Jersey Shore. Where others would see the house as only a way to get quick cash by selling it for the land value, Tori sees it as a place to open a business she wants to name Destiny's Gate. She will use her gift for reading tarot cards and offer other items for sale. She just needs a few repairs to get the building up to code to get her business running.

Nick Santangelo is the contractor Tori has called to do the overhaul. Nick has worked hard over the years to build his business, Santangelo Construction. Tori's job is really too small for his company and at first he turns her down, but then he reconsiders. Is it a little magic or is fate the reason for his change of heart?

Tori may not have any family left, but Nick has to juggle his loving family, with all their issues, on top of the many demands of his business. His grandmother has "sticky fingers", his brother would rather try out for a soap opera than work construction and his teenage daughter may be getting too involved with her boyfriend. After raising his daughter on his own, Nick has no desire to get married again or have more children. Can he and Tori have a chance at a relationship with their life goals at odds?

A Little Light Magic is a lovely story of people who have triumphed over the blows they have been dealt by life. The author has crafted characters who are often quirky, but lovable. There is plenty of sizzling romance to delight any romance reader.

I have never been to the Jersey Shore, but author Joy Nash brought the setting to life for me. She has written other books with paranormal themes, and since I am a huge fan of that sub-genre, I will be searching them out and looking for future books from this awesome author.

Reviewed in July 2009 by Roberta.

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