by Neta Jackson

October 2009
ISBN: 978-1-59554-524-4
Reviewer Graphic Button Thomas Nelson
Trade Paperback

Gabby Fairbanks isnít real sure where to turn when she returns home from resigning her job, at her husbandís request, to find out that her husband has changed the lock on the apartment, put her and her motherís belongings outside, and took her boys off to parts unknown. Gabby is a basket case, and with no where to turn, she goes back to the homeless shelter where she used to work, but this time as a resident.

The next morning, Gabby meets with her former boss, who graciously helps Gabby out by giving her back her job and a game plan to get her life back in order. Under her bossís directive, Gabby visits a lawyer to see if she can get her boys back. The lawyer does much more than that, he helps Gabby to come up with a bit more of a game plan to make her case more appealing to the courts. First, sheíll have to find someplace to live. No court will look favorably on a homeless person.

But a midnight intruder at the shelter brings unwanted media attention to Gabby, and threatens to undermine all her chances to get her sons back.

Who Do I Talk To? is an aptly named book that stresses the importance of talking to God, in good times and bad. After reading the first book, Where Do I Go?, I couldnít wait to see what happened to Gabby. I was so glad when the second book in the series came my way. Gabby and the cast of Yada Yada Prayer warriors are very well developed characters who become real on the pages of this book. So real, I feel I could go to Chicago and find these wonderful people.

I totally love Neta Jacksonís writing, and the way the story comes to life. I couldnít put this book down, and am anxiously waiting for the next book in the series. Donít miss Ms. Jacksonís newest book, Who Do I Talk To?. Gabby is sure to find a place in your heart, as well as the rest of the residents (and employees) of the homeless shelter.

Reviewed in September 2009 by Laura.

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